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The port hole on the plate form a continuous flow path,the media runs:
Gasketed plate heat exchanger
Fully welded plate heat exchanger
Wide gap welded plate heat exchanger
Pressing-welding plate heat exchanger
Two section cooler
Plate heat exchanger unit
Skid-mounted equipment
Being a supplier of plate heat exchangers, Lanzhou LS Heat Exchange Equipment Co. Ltd. provide customers with quality products relied on strong design and fabrication capability of LS Group and technical support of Schmidt-Bretten......
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2011-5-25 18:19:10
Company participates in the 24th Marine Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany (SMM2010
2011-5-25 18:18:26
The largest ¡°BR3.4 large-scale plate heat exchanger project¡± produced by LSPHE passed the identification
2011-5-25 18:17:43
LSPHE launched ¡°warmth & love¡± donations for disastrous on August 11